Our company has been successfully working since 2oo7 specializing on consultation and investing in works of Russian art of the 19th and the first half of 20th century. We also help to form private and corporative art collections.
“Art investing is not only a highly profitable business but also a fascinating process. Investing your money in art you join the world of cultural values and get not only a financial result but aesthetic pleasure, besides you foster in your heirs good art taste. The life of a person surrounded with works of art becomes more harmonious and full of sense. The dynamics of investing in works of art confirms that art profits are much higher than those in shares, bonds and funds.
Professional investing, with the help of specialists and experts invited by our company, gives the opportunity to have not less than 15% income a year.
Addressing our company you have professional consulting in buying or selling artworks, their acquisition and other questions.

Best regards,
Managing director, Vyachslav Vasylevskiy